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Suspension/Surface mounted

BGB-9011B is a modern design lighting that brings special illumination to any private and commercial spaces.

Relaxing ambiance provided by this LED Pendant gives customers and clients an unwind feeling for commercial facilities. BGB-9011B Pendant Light is a stylish alternative to downlights.

Application? Our BGB Pendant Lights fits very well in Residential, Offices, Restaurants, Stores, and as Industrial Decorative Lighting.

For this new commercial linear lighting, we offer a total of three types of lighting solutions that features a length of 2 feet, 4 feet and 8 feet, but is also available in custom sizes.

BGB-9011B uses a high energy efficacy LED of 80+LM/W, generating high power illumination within spacious areas. It’s clear that such multiple options on luminaire length and lumen output makes it easy to design innovative and customizable linear lighting solutions.

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