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Suspension/Surface mounted

Alfa AEF-703 is a sleek and minimal LED suspended luminaire which can be either continuous run or a stand-alone fixture.

Its design breaks through the limitations of traditional lighting design,the length of extrusion profiles can be cuttable according to your request, even infinite connection is available.
Alfa AEF-703 allows everyone to enjoy the freedom of design.

Alfa AEF-703 is available as a pendant and a surface light.

Given its indirect light component and the pleasant way it illuminates the ceiling surface, it accentuates architectural elements particularly well and opens up new opportunities for the lighting design of the space.

The luminaire is available in the fixed colour temperatures:

  • warm white (3000 K);
  • neutral white (4000 K);
  • cold white (5000 K, 6500 K).

Alfa AEF-703 can be ordered with and emergency and microwave sensor functions.

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