Magnetic Track Systems

by 14 Feb 2020News

Magenic Track Systems

BYIBA offers a wide range of magnetic tracks solutions, surface mounted, suspended and even recessed. 

The Race Magnetic Track connects and powers its LED luminaries via a magnetic core. Each track rail comes complete with power feed for connection to a remote driver, end caps and all necessary attachment accessories for surface mount applications. Optional additional accessories of joiners, power feeds, recess kits, suspension kits and track heads sold separately.

A recessed version with perforated trim to allow for taping and mudding into drywall is available for seamless recessed installations.

  • Track system is 24V  ~ 200w max. per track
  • Available in 1 meter, 2 meter  and 3 meter lengths
  • profile dimension is 1.5″W x 3″H
The Flush Led Bolts

The Flush Led Bolts

Recessed Lighting Designed from the ground up, to be bright, and sleek. The only limit is your imagination. You can use them for architectural accents, indoors, outdoors, in walkways, in railings, decks, etc. If you’re looking for a small but bright LED light, these...