Magnetic track light systems

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Magnetic track light systems are specially designed to accommodate fixtures of various forms and styles, and thus introducing you into the world of modern yet creative lighting solutions. BYIBA elaborate systems will perfect any design project by lending luminous flexibility to your interior and provide highlights to the most important elements of decor. According to the type of installation, track systems can be surface mounted, recessed, and pendant. The magnetic tracks are offered in circular, linear and curvy shapes; they can accommodate a great variety of modules and trackheads regardless of the chosen shape or installation type.

Every light system begins with a magnetic core and a track rail engineered to hold optional attachments, i.e. LED luminaires, trackheads, spot, panel, and downlight modules. One of the greatest advantages of opting for magnetic lighting is a plug and play tool-free installation of all elements. With little to no effort, you will be able to readjust the lighting direction as well as reposition track heads and add extra accessories if needed. The exuberant product range of BYIBA has all of the aforementioned components to help you build your own flexible lighting system. Such products are made with premium materials and offer various personalization options in different custom RAL colors ranging from natural wood, gold, bronze to metallic finishes.

A magnetic track light system cannot be limited by walls or ceilings: this technology has been designed to look minimalistic but has a powerful functionality hidden inside. It allows you to create a unique lighting configuration, thus inspiring you to experiment with the most innovative lighting solutions on the market, until your design vision is fully brought to life.

With the growing interest towards recessed, pendant and mount track systems in the USA, BYIBA is working to satisfy the growing demand in innovative as well as functional lighting solutions with a build quality worthy of the most luxurious designs.

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