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Recessed Lighting

Going through a lot of different challenges, GRAEAE-II overcome multi-problems and evolution to another stage. Its optical design makes distribution of lights become smoother and uniform with high effect illumination about 90lm/w.

Diversity optional of fixture caliber suit for multi-application requirement in one interior area. With its plentiful accessories, GRAEAE-II can create diversity of ambience.

On the other words, one fixture with different accessories can provide rich ambience in the same interior area.

GRAEAE-II is not only a illumination fixture, but also a series which can raise up an area’s value and elegant ambience.

The Flush Led Bolts

The Flush Led Bolts

Recessed Lighting Designed from the ground up, to be bright, and sleek. The only limit is your imagination. You can use them for architectural accents, indoors, outdoors, in walkways, in railings, decks, etc. If you’re looking for a small but bright LED light, these...