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9010 LED Technologies 2

For half a century 9010 have been creating, designing and manufacturing lamps and lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Companies deep knowledge of raw materials, combined with passion, creativity and love for their work are the characteristics that make 9010 unique.


9010 have achieved the impossible with the new mini LED lights in two versions with Ø16 mm and Ø11 mm holes.

The 16 mm version, with an unrivalled hole diameter/lumen/overall size ratio, is the result of exclusive patents by 9010.

The patent for the 11 mm version, with innovative and ultra-rapid magnetic maintenance system, is pending.

Packed with powerful technology: installation in just 30 mm of space. 


A. Light hole Ø16mm or Ø11mm

B. IP44 degree of protection

C. Installation in 30mm space inside the plasterboard

D. Two 30 ° / 60 ° beam angle

E. LED 1300lm (3000K) with CRI> 90 and glass protective lens


The all-Italian revolution with incredible technical characteristics that made 9010th  range of lighting product distinctive and recognizable.

A unique material in the world, available only in 9010novantadieci products, with notable features: thanks to the most modern technologies, our technicians have designed a compound capable of enhancing light. CRISTALY® is compatible with plasterboard installations and, thanks to its low thermal conductivity properties, its non-deforming and non-flammable surface, it is a material with excellent resistance and safe for use in easily accessible areas. On top of that, CRISTALY® gives to our products perfectly white and pure to the touch surfaces that can be decorated with any type of water paint, granting the customization of any product of the collection.

CRISTALY® is environmentally friendly: 

chemically inert, hypoallergenic, made of non-toxic elements which, even in case of fire, do not develop harmful smokes. Its unique structure gives it a natural repellency to dust. CRISTALY® products are entirely made in Italy, do not need specific maintenance, are certified according to CE norms and respect the highest quality standards in the lighting market.


The production process of CRISTALY® takes place by combining our unique and undisclosed compound with water in strictly precise doses. The compound is mixed and once ready it is poured into the silicone rubber moulds produced by our company. Waiting times are crucial to us, as we are aware that making things with love and passion requires time.

At the end of this process, the product is hardened and will be then removed from its mould. The hands of our team of experts will then give the final finish to every product with care and attention in order to bring it to perfection.

The products are then dried at controlled temperatures and subsequently stored.

Only a few steps are needled before shipping. After the installation of the electrical parts the products are finally packed and ready for shipment all over the world.


From aluminium alloy to Alumite®

ALUMITE® The innovative aluminium alloy with advanced dissipation and strength characteristics, suitable for modular profile systems and a selection of models with minimal design, granting to light any space with refinement and elegance. An exclusive aluminium formulation has been studied and improved by the technical department of 9010novantadieci to achieve innovative results of brilliance, mechanical resistance to torsion and absence of expansion. ALUMITE® is considered the most performing and advanced aluminium alloy in the market today.


Besides the thermo-mechanical extrusion process, it is necessary to carry out an extensive creative development: the technical department of 9010novantadieci starts with the two-dimensional design of the product extrusion, studied to match every specific need. Thanks to the precise technical skills of our experts, and to their wide experience, we design, create and process a range of products easy to install by end customers. 

The extrusion process is improved by the research of the best raw materials: particular alloy billets are selected for 9010 ALUMITE® creations, with those chemical-physical characteristics most suitable for lighting products. ALUMITE® alloy billets are heated in special ovens, and then cut to the required sizes. They are then pressed against steel moulds, designed according to the drawings of 9010 technical department, into the ALUMITE® profiles, at this stage still in the raw and therefore soft state.

The extruded product is cooled, translated and ironed, with particular care to avoid any torsion in the finished product. Finally, there is a crucial aging process, in order to obtain the proper degree of mechanical resistance required by the standards of ALUMITE® products.


Concrete® is born from the earth

9010 is the result of a precious ancient craftsmanship, improving into something completely new: a high-performance material suitable for outdoor environments. 

Similar to cement, it is the original result of our formulation: a fusion between CRISTALY® and cementitious binders. CONCRETE® products are developed using very high-performance water-based polymer processing technologies, without use of solvents, in respect of health and environment. This material has excellent wear resistance, high resistance to compression and atmospheric agents. It is also waterproof and suitable for application in outdoor areas, thanks to its electrical part with IP65 degree of protection. A new and remarkable material, with an artisan soul, which immediately customizes the environment and allows to enjoy the sinuosity typical of the creations of 9010 designers.

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